No Time for Perfection.

Since I first thought about releasing this hot sauce project, there was never an ideal time. For years I constantly came up with reasons to put it on the back burner. Then the past few months reminded me once again that things could always get worse.

“It’s not about what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters”

Though it is understandable to be terrified by the current economic state, I chose to ignore the uncertainty of the times and get laser focused on something meaningful to me. With all this free time from the quarantine, I focused on coming up with a recipe unique enough for myself and my friends to enjoy.

So, I went full out nerd, researching and testing multiple recipes with various spice combinations. Though the flavors were good, they were not what I was aiming for. Then I had a eureka moment.

I reached out to the first person that ever introduce me to hot peppers and the joys of spicy cuisine; better yet, the world: the queen herself, my mother. Among the endless list of attributes, African women are walking libraries of delicious recipes. With a little bit of sweet talk, I now have more recipes than I know what to do with.

The outcome of this new wealth of knowledge became SAPIC original. Over the past few weeks, my friends and I have been enjoying the hot sauce every chance we get.

And if you are just like us, you are a hot sauce enthusiast or a curious foodie, that is intrigued by awesome flavors, fiery tastes, and good times. Join the party; follow us on social media, sign up to our waitlist or pre-order your first bottle of SAPIC hot sauce.

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