As a native of West Africa, hot peppers and spices have always been a part of my daily life. When I came to the States to study, the first thing I desperately searched for was those same smells and taste of the hot sauces I enjoyed back in West Africa. Unfortunately, nothing at that time came close to satisfying my desire for something familiar. However, the same search helped me discover a whole universe of hot sauces: flavor combinations I thought impossible, quirky brand names, diverse bottle shapes, amazing label designs, intriguing colors and more. Thus, the idea of making my own hot sauce that I could enjoy with my friends and family started to float around in my head.

So, in 2017 SAPIC started as a side project with the purpose of producing a delicious hot sauce that would be influenced by the best aspects of flavors from sub-Saharan recipes and those I have experienced thus far in the States. After three long years, countless trials and errors, several scrapped recipes, and life events that seem to postpone production,the COVID-19 pandemic granted me enough time off to give more attention to my side project. Two weeks after the start of the lockdown, the 1st batch of SAPIC hot sauce was ready to share with friends and family.


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