What is SAPIC?

It is a handcrafted hot sauce. SAPIC is intended to be a condiment that should go on absolutely everything! Something to SHARE with friends and family around good food and great conversation. Use it to add good flavor and spice to anything and everything you eat.

Where can I buy SAPIC hot sauces?

Order from our online shop or email us. If SAPIC is sold out, please join our waiting list for upcoming batches.

What kind of shelf life can I expect for my hot sauce?

Ideally, we like the reach the standard two years period. However, we recommend a six month from production date. Its not made for decoration so pour it on something delicious ASAP. We recommend you keep it refrigerated.

If you have any specific questions about ingredients, potential allergens, or sourcing, please feel free to email us at sapichotsauce@gmail.com

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